Handbook of Porous Media, Third Edition

Handbook of Porous Media, Third Edition

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Handbook of Porous Media, Third Edition offers a comprehensive overview of the latest theories on flow, transport, and heat-exchange processes in porous media. It also details sophisticated porous media models which can be used to improve the accuracy of modeling in a variety of practical applications. Featuring contributions from leading experts in their respective fields, this book: Presents the general characteristics and modeling of porous media, such as multiscale modeling of porous media, two-phase flow, compressible porous media, and dispersion in porous media Addresses the fundamental topics of transport in porous media, including theoretical models of transport, membrane transport phenomena, modeling transport properties, and transport in biomedical applications Describes several important aspects of turbulence in porous media, including advances in modeling turbulence phenomena in heterogeneous porous media Explores heat transfer of nanofluids as well as thermal transport in porous media, including forced convection, double diffusive convection, high-heat flux applications, and thermal behavior of poroelastic media Covers geological applications in porous media, including modeling and experimental challenges related to oil fields, CO2 migration, groundwater flows, and velocity measurements Discusses relevant attributes of experimental work or numerical techniques whenever applicable Paving the way for the establishment of multidisciplinary areas of research, Handbook of Porous Media, Third Edition further enhances cooperation between engineers and scientists by providing a valuable reference for addressing some of the most challenging issues in engineering and the hydrogeological, biological, and biomedical sciences.Part 9. Mechanical processing with emphasis on separations. Reviews in ... Study on the characteristics of a biological fluidized bed in a magnetic field. ... The features of a suspended bed of ferromagnetic particles in a magnetic field. J. Technanbsp;...

Title:Handbook of Porous Media, Third Edition
Author:Kambiz Vafai
Publisher:CRC Press - 2015-06-23


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