Handbook of Industrial Lighting

Handbook of Industrial Lighting

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Handbook of Industrial Lighting is a practical guide on the specification, design, installation, operation, and maintenance of lighting in industrial premises. Coverage of the book includes the importance of good localized lighting; the different lighting schemes; lighting for difficult visual tasks; lighting in consideration to safety; and emergency lighting. The book also includes the practical, thermal, ventilation, and energy considerations; lighting in different environments; maintenance of lighting installations; and the cost benefits of efficient lighting. Appendices include useful information such as UK legislation and codes on lighting; summary of lamp and luminaire data; and conversion factors. The text is recommended for those involved in the design, planning, and maintenance of industrial places such as factories and power plants.No wiring should be energized until it has been checked through with a bell- andbattery or a low-voltage continuity tester, and the ... Luminaires which contain ignitors or other solid-state circuitry (as control-gear components or as part of emergency lighting circuits) will be damaged by over-voltage or reverse-voltage applied during insulation testing, so such circuits ... and of the local electricity board should be permanently recorded and displayed near the main switch of the installation.

Title:Handbook of Industrial Lighting
Author:Stanley L. Lyons
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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