Handbook of Conceptual Modeling

Handbook of Conceptual Modeling

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Conceptual modeling is about describing the semantics of software applications at a high level of abstraction in terms of structure, behavior, and user interaction. Embley and Thalheim start with a manifesto stating that the dream of developing information systems strictly by conceptual modeling - as expressed in the phrase qthe model is the codeq - is becoming reality. The subsequent contributions written by leading researchers in the field support the manifesto's assertions, showing not only how to abstractly model complex information systems but also how to formalize abstract specifications in ways that let developers complete programming tasks within the conceptual model itself. They are grouped into sections on programming with conceptual models, structure modeling, process modeling, user interface modeling, and special challenge areas such as conceptual geometric modeling, information integration, and biological conceptual modeling. The Handbook of Conceptual Modeling collects in a single volume many of the best conceptual-modeling ideas, techniques, and practices as well as the challenges that drive research in the field. Thus it is much more than a traditional handbook for advanced professionals, as it also provides both a firm foundation for the field of conceptual modeling, and points researchers and graduate students towards interesting challenges and paths for how to contribute to this fundamental field of computer science.Figure 15.3 shows examples of the kind of recognizers we currently use in our WoK vision, but any kind of information ... 15.3 help disambiguate instances that may be recognized for more than one concept (e.g., MSRP price vs. asking price) . ... For example, if we query for a red Nissan Altima for under 15 grand, as part of the answer the WoK system can retrieve the cached page of the Altima in Fig.

Title:Handbook of Conceptual Modeling
Author:David W. Embley, Bernhard Thalheim
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-04-23


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