Handbook of Child Psychopathology

Handbook of Child Psychopathology

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In our first edition of the Handbook in 1983, we the origins and course(s) of maladaptive behav ior, whatever the causes, whatever the age of on noted that child psychopathology should no longer be viewed as a downward extension of set, whatever the transformations in behavioral adult psychopathology. Rather, we suggested expression, and however complex the develop that children should be viewed as children, not mental pattern may prove to be. It strives to inte as miniature adults, and that a merger of the dis grate these two disciplines in an intimate and of ciplines of clinical child psychology and devel tentimes complex manner. opmental psychology must occur for this evolu Careful attention to issues of development and tion to be fully realized. In the second edition of other contextual issues relevant to children, ad the Handbook in 1989, we asserted that the syn olescents, and their families guided us in our ef thesis of these two fields of inquiry was under forts to solicit contributors for this third edition.... was given the opportunity to briefly interact with an item she or he was preoccupied with (e.g., picture of Honda Civic cars). ... (stimulus generalization), across untreated behaviors (response generalization), or over time (maintenance ). ... One way is to use intermittent schedules of reinforcement during treatment to provide a learning environment that more closely approximates the natural environment.

Title:Handbook of Child Psychopathology
Author:Thomas H. Ollendick, Michel Hersen
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-11-11


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