Handbook of Basal Ganglia Structure and Function

Handbook of Basal Ganglia Structure and Function

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The Basal Ganglia comprise a group of forebrain nuclei that are interconnected with the cerebral cortex, thalamus and brainstem. Basal ganglia circuits are involved in various functions, including motor control and learning, sensorimotor integration, reward and cognition. The importance of these nuclei for normal brain function and behavior is emphasized by the numerous and diverse disorders associated with basal ganglia dysfunction, including Parkinsona€™s disease, Tourettea€™s syndrome, Huntingtona€™s disease, obsessive-compulsive disorder, dystonia, and psychostimulant addiction. The Handbook of Basal Ganglia provides a comprehensive overview of the structural and functional organization of the basal ganglia, with special emphasis on the progress achieved over the last 10-15 years. Organized in six parts, the volume describes the general anatomical organization and provides a review of the evolution of the basal ganglia, followed by detailed accounts of recent advances in anatomy, cellular/molecular, and cellular/physiological mechanisms, and our understanding of the behavioral and clinical aspects of basal ganglia function and dysfunction. *Synthesizes widely dispersed information on the behavioral neurobiology of the basal ganglia, including advances in the understanding of anatomy, cell-molecular and cell-physiological mechanisms, and behavioral/clinical aspects of function and dysfunction *Features a truly international cast of the preeminent researchers in the field *Fully explores the clinically relevant impact of the basal ganglia on various psychiatric and neurological diseasesDA terminals (in A) Matrix (from dorsal tier) Patch (from ventral tier) VTA SNc VTA SNc SNr DA neuron types (in B, C ... LSI SHi LSD gcc CPu AcbSh ICjM S1J S1JO S1DZ S1ULp E LSS LAcbSh AID A A B C D IMA OT PPT OPT LPMC csc ... The illustration shows the organization of the dopamine (DA) projections from the midbrain to the striatal patch and matrix compartments (sagittal diagram, upper left).

Title:Handbook of Basal Ganglia Structure and Function
Author:Heinz Steiner, Kuei Y. Tseng
Publisher:Academic Press - 2010-03-17


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