Handbook of Alternative Fuel Technologies, Second Edition

Handbook of Alternative Fuel Technologies, Second Edition

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While strides are being made in the research and development of environmentally acceptable and more sustainable alternative fuelsa€”including efforts to reduce emissions of air pollutants associated with combustion processes from electric power generation and vehicular transportationa€”fossil fuel resources are limited and may soon be on the verge of depletion in the near future. Measuring the correlation between quality of life, energy consumption, and the efficient utilization of energy, the Handbook of Alternative Fuel Technologies, Second Edition thoroughly examines the science and technology of alternative fuels and their processing technologies. It focuses specifically on environmental, technoeconomic, and socioeconomic issues associated with the use of alternative energy sources, such as sustainability, applicable technologies, modes of utilization, and impacts on society. Written with research and development scientists and engineers in mind, the material in this handbook provides a detailed description and an assessment of available and feasible technologies, environmental health and safety issues, governmental regulations, and issues and agendas for RaD. It also includes alternative energy networks for production, distribution, and consumption. Whata€™s New in This Edition: Contains several new chapters of emerging interest and updates various chapters throughout Includes coverage of coal gasification and liquefaction, hydrogen technology and safety, shale fuel by hydraulic fracturing, ethanol from lignocellulosics, biodiesel, algae fuels, and energy from waste products Covers statistics, current concerns, and future trends A single-volume complete reference, the Handbook of Alternative Fuel Technologies, Second Edition contains relevant information on chemistry, technology, and novel approaches, as well as scientific foundations for further enhancements and breakthroughs. In addition to its purposes as a handbook for practicing scientists and engineers, it can also be used as a textbook or as a reference book on fuel science and engineering, energy and environment, chemical process design, and energy and environmental policy.Biodiesel is a renewable alternative fuel for diesel engines comprised of a longchain mono-alkyl ester and is the ... there are other objective fuel standards and specifications for biodiesel fuel blends: a€c Biodiesel blends up to 5% (B5) to be usedanbsp;...

Title:Handbook of Alternative Fuel Technologies, Second Edition
Author:Sunggyu Lee, James G. Speight, Sudarshan K. Loyalka
Publisher:CRC Press - 2014-07-08


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