Halftime in America

Halftime in America

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The United States of America finds itself in a political halftime show, and if something doesna€™t change soon, the second half could see a continuation of disorganized policies that stifle liberty. Author Dan S. Wible, an aerospace engineer, applies engineering principles to seek solutions to prevent the countrya€™s problems from escalating; his thought provoking application of common logic reveals how a€cfree trade without balance of trade has resulted in a loss of manufacturing capability and undermined Americaa€™s infrastructure; a€cthe Federal Reserve has been completely irrational in its attempt to manipulate the world economy, creating an economy that is now fundamentally unstable; a€ca return to a limited federal government would enable the free market to once again flourish; a€cfree-market capitalisma€”with the federal and state governments doing only what the people have authorizeda€”is the best way to allow all people to excel. Ita€™s Halftime in America, and the United States is at risk of becoming a European-style socialist nation, which is the very style of government the countrya€™s patriots sought to extract themselves from more than two centuries ago. Wible offers insights to how and why this is happeninga€”and what can be done to prevent it.This causes banks to tighten credit, making refinancing and home line of credit very difficult to obtain. This in turn removes a common source of discretionary income from the average person and a deflationary spiral ensues in the retail marketanbsp;...

Title:Halftime in America
Author:Dan S. Wible
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-09-25


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