Had To Be You

Had To Be You

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The last place he expected to find lasting love was back in his hometown.a€b Slater knew tragedy from a young age, but with the support of his foster family, he turned his life around. Now, back from a stint in the Navy, hea€™s packed up his motorcycle and returned to Red Hook to help to run the family restauranta€”a job that comes with a tantalizing upside. Her name is Rocki. Flirty, sweet, and outgoing, Rocki brings in crowds as the lead singer of the house band. And although shea€™s unable to resist the charms of this intense bad boy, she refuses to open her heart to him. Until a family crisis shatters Rockia€™s easygoing demeanor, exposing something from her past shea€™d always hoped would stay hidden. But Slater knows a thing or two about family secretsa€”and he sets out to prove to Rocki that their relationship could finally give them both a future worth believing in.Bad Boys of Red Hook Robin Kaye. his fill, and then ... a€œYoua#39;re pissing me off.a€ Who knew ... a€œIa#39;m not pissing you off. Ia#39;m driving ... towrestle control from her, buthe was sucha wicked good kisser, she couldna#39;t really complain. Hedidna#39;t so ... Herlegs fellopen and thenhis mouth joined his fingers and manual dexterity took ona whole new meaning. Rocki had ... She didna#39;t know whether to thank him or kill him.

Title:Had To Be You
Author:Robin Kaye
Publisher:Penguin - 2014-02-04


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