H. M. Pulham, Esquire

H. M. Pulham, Esquire

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A brilliant comedy of manners about a Boston Brahmina€™s search for meaning from the Pulitzer Prizea€“winning author of The Late George Apley In preparation for the twenty-fifth reunion of his class at Harvard, Harry Pulham is asked to collect and edit the personal histories of his fellow alumni. A glance at the previous yeara€™s Class Book tells him just how tedious the assignment will be: a€œI have been very busy all this time practising corporation law and trying to raise a family, a€ a typical entry reads. a€œI still like to go to the football games and cheer for Harvard.a€ Yet Harrya€™s autobiography is almost indistinguishable from those of his classmates. From his career at a Boston investment firm to his marriage to childhood friend Kay Motford, he has always made the safe, familiar choicea€”with one exception. For a brief interlude after World War I, Harry joined an advertising agency in Manhattan and fell in love with a beautiful, independent woman unlike anyone he had ever met. A wholly unexpected future opened up for him in those few months, but when family obligations called him back to New England, the relationship came to a sudden end. Now, twenty years later, Harry believes that his story could not have turned out any other way. A clever satire that achieves heartbreaking poignancy, H. M. Pulham, Esquire is a masterpiece from the author declared by the New York Times to be a€œour foremost fictional chronicler of the well-born.a€Diagram. The first conviction I really had that I was coming home was when I was in my chair on the one oa#39;clock. The faces of the ... The faces in the club car were younger. The talk up there ... They pulled me home like the engine. There wasanbsp;...

Title:H. M. Pulham, Esquire
Author:John P. Marquand
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2015-07-14


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