Guide to U.S. Environmental Policy

Guide to U.S. Environmental Policy

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Guide to U.S. Environmental Policy provides the analytical connections showing readers how issues and actions are translated into public policies and persistent institutions for resolving or managing environmental conflict in the U.S. The guide highlights a complex decision-making cycle that requires the cooperation of government, business, and an informed citizenry to achieve a comprehensive approach to environmental protection. The booka€™s topical, operational, and relational essays address development of U.S. environmental policies, the federal agencies and public and private organizations that frame and administer environmental policies, and the challenges of balancing conservation and preservation against economic development, the ongoing debates related to turning environmental concerns into environmental management, and the role of the U.S. in international organizations that facilitate global environmental governance. Key Features: 30 essays by leading conservationists and scholars in the field investigate the fundamental political, social, and economic processes and forces driving policy decisions about the protection and future of the environment. Essential themes traced through the chapters include natural resource allocation and preservation, human health, rights of indigenous peoples, benefits of recycling, economic and other policy areas impacted by responses to green concerns, international cooperation, and immediate and long-term costs associated with environmental policy. The essays explore the impact made by key environmental policymakers, presidents, and politicians, as well as the topical issues that have influenced U.S. environmental public policy from the colonial period to the present day. A summary of regulatory agencies for environmental policy, a selected bibliography, and a thorough index are included. This must-have reference for political science and public policy students who seek to understand the forces that U.S. environmental policy is suitable for academic, public, high school, government, and professional libraries.Sally K. Fairfax, Edmund Russell ... Motorcycle enthusiasts argue that they have a right to use federal property for their enjoyment; environmentalists counter that the races damage the land and disrupt hikers and other recreational users.56 A similar, but more highprofile dispute occurred in ... Finally, Congress often failed to reconcile new statutes with ones that have been on the books for decadesa€”or, anbsp;...

Title:Guide to U.S. Environmental Policy
Author:Sally K. Fairfax, Edmund Russell
Publisher:CQ Press - 2014-08-14


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