Guide to Methods for Students of Political Science

Guide to Methods for Students of Political Science

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Stephen Van Evera greeted new graduate students at MIT with a commonsense introduction to qualitative methods in the social sciences. His helpful hints, always warmly received, grew from a handful of memos to an underground classic primer. That primer evolved into a book of how-to information about graduate study, which is essential reading for graduate students and undergraduates in political science, sociology, anthropology, economics, and historya€”and for their advisers. a€cHow should we frame, assess, and apply theories in the social sciences? qI am unpersuaded by the view that the prime rules of scientific method should differ between hard science and social science. Science is science.q a€cA section on case studies shows novices the ropes. a€cVan Evera contends the realm of dissertations is often defined too narrowly a€œMaking and testing theories are not the only games in town. . . . If everyone makes and tests theories but no one ever uses them, then what are they for?q a€cIn qHelpful Hints on Writing a Political Science Ph.D. Dissertation, q Van Evera focuses on presentation, and on broader issues of academic strategy and tactics. a€cVan Evera asks how political scientists should work together as a community. a€œAll institutions and professions that face weak accountability need inner ethical rudders that define their obligations in order to stay on course.qHELPFUL HINTSON WRITING A POLITICAL SCIENCE DISSERTATION Topic Selection Organization Your Dissertation Prospectus Your Introductory ... THE DISSERTATION PROPOSAL 6. PROFESSIONALETHICS APPENDIX FURTHER READING Introduction Thisbook collects six papers that distill advice on methodologyI.

Title:Guide to Methods for Students of Political Science
Author:Stephen Van Evera
Publisher:Cornell University Press - 2015-01-26


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