Guide to HTML, JavaScript and PHP

Guide to HTML, JavaScript and PHP

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This book enables readers to quickly develop a working knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and PHP. The text emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning and makes extensive use of examples. A detailed science, engineering, or mathematics background is not required to understand the material, making the book ideally suitable for self-study or an introductory course in programming. Features: describes the creation and use of HTML documents; presents fundamental concepts of client-side and server-side programming languages; examines JavaScript and PHP implementation of arrays, built-in and user-defined methods and functions, math capabilities, and input processing with HTML forms; extends programming fundamentals to include reading and writing server-based files, command-line interfaces, and an introduction to GD graphics; appendices include a brief introduction to using a a€œpseudocodea€ approach to organizing solutions to computing problems; includes a Glossary and an extensive set of programming exercises.The echo language construct in Document 7.3 displays the specified string literal and in Document 7.4 displays the (very long) string output returned by phpinfo(), a PHP function that displays information about your PHP installation. Even more anbsp;...

Title:Guide to HTML, JavaScript and PHP
Author:David R. Brooks
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2011-05-16


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