Green Electricity

Green Electricity

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This fascinating book explores the pros and cons of the top 25 green electricity technologies, illuminating how each technology works and detailing the key hurdles each emerging energy strategy has to overcome before it becomes a viable option. * Suggests a low or no-cost activity, research project, or demonstration that students can undertake for each energy technology topic * Contains content specifically written for intermediate and middle school audiences * Provides inquiry and discussion questions to engage students' critical thinking skills * Includes a list of qFor Further Readingq suggestions with every entryTuesday, May 15, 2030: The sun has just crept into the morning sky as the alarm clock in your electric CD player clicks on. ... We use it to create our light; cook our food; heat our rooms; and power our phones, CD players, hearing aids, and computers. ... lights that control traffic at each city intersection, and start and control our cars. ... You push a button to fire up your computer, and it is electrons that faithfully race into the computera#39;s maze of circuitry innards to bring your e- mails andanbsp;...

Title:Green Electricity
Author:Kendall F. Haven
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2011


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