Green Computing with Emerging Memory

Green Computing with Emerging Memory

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This book describes computing innovation, using non-volatile memory for a sustainable world. It appeals to both computing engineers and device engineers by describing a new means of lower power computing innovation, without sacrificing performance over conventional low-voltage operation. Readers will be introduced to methods of design and implementation for non-volatile memory which allow computing equipment to be turned off normally when not in use and to be turned on instantly to operate with full performance when needed.A schematic view of a conventional level-up converter is shown in Fig. 7.11a. The driver nMOSFET (MN3, MN4) of this circuit consists of a thin gate-oxide thickness, the load pMOSFET (MP1, MP2) consists of a thick gate-oxide thickness, and the ... Figure7.12a shows the circuit diagram of the transition detector, which prevents transition-speed degradation. ... 7.12 Schematic of transition detector (a) and its waveforms (b) 7.4.5 Applying for the Application Processor for the Mobile Phone.

Title:Green Computing with Emerging Memory
Author:Takayuki Kawahara, Hiroyuki Mizuno
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-09-26


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