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Word of mouth is an amazingly powerful force a€” but how does it really work?. Businesses have become obsessed with stimulating word-of- mouth to counteract the declining effectiveness of advertising. But ita€™s easier said than done. As the founder of BzzAgent, a community of more than 400, 000 people who volunteer to talk to friends and acquaintances about products they genuinely love, Dave Balter is a successful practitioner, not a theorist. And hea€™s figured out how to measure and harness word-of-mouth without corrupting it. In Grapevine, Balter shows why honest feedback a€“ about books, restaurants, gadgets, or anything else a€“ is more believable than any paid endorser. And he answers some of the most elusive questions in marketing, such as what makes word-of-mouth very different from a€œbuzza€ and a€œviral marketing.a€The disappointing sales performance of the G6 was cited as a a€œkey reasona€ that Bank of America Securities auto analyst Ronald ... So, as part of their decision- making process, they went searching for real feedback from other real consumers . ... Millions of people had seen the wildest dreams Pontiac G6 giveaway on Oprah.

Author:Dave Balter
Publisher:Penguin - 2005-11-03


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