Granger's Threat

Granger's Threat

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In a small town in northern New Mexico a fathera€™s untimely death leads to mayhem and murder. Families find their lives threatened once the fathera€™s will is read for unlike his wife, he did not believe in primogeniture. Truth reveals that the father did not believe in his son Granger at all and herein begins the conflict. The fathera€™s death was to be Grangera€™s salvation but Granger must now find a way to gain wealth in order to maintain a family male heir. The fathera€™s doctor and nurse know without a doubt that the fathera€™s death was not a natural one, but can they get the daughter Sophia to see the obvious as she suffers in her grief? Soon Granger is shown not to be as clever as he believes himself to be when someone elsea€”someone who wants Grangera€™s money and is equally as dangerousa€”comes on the scene and Granger soon becomes a victim. Sinister and clever machinations now outweigh truth and honesty. Sophia is not willing to let her home and her loved ones be separated from her without a fight as her relatives threaten to remove her from all she holds dear, including life itself. Can she survive and solve the mystery of her fathera€™s death? The body count piles up as the story unfolds. What appears obvious may not be easy to prove as the prodigal son falls. Includes Readers Guide.Hejustruns away tohis buddya#39;s cabin and hasa day of fishing!a€ Sophia threw ... Pulled down over her shoulder lengthhair was a crocheted stocking cap of reindeer pulling a sleigh and on her hands were notonly one pairof mittens, but two.

Title:Granger's Threat
Author:Teresa Pijoan
Publisher:Sunstone Press - 2014-05-15


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