Good News for Moderns

Good News for Moderns

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There are many ways to be a Christian. In Good News for Moderns author Nero James Pruitt shows that within the pages of the New Testament there is room for a diversity of Christianities. This is a diversity that is not talked about often but, when properly understood, expands the perception of what a Christian is. Consider the words of Justin Martyr the second century Christian writer recognized as a saint by the Catholic Church, the Anglicans and the Eastern Orthodox in about 150 AD: a€œWe are taught that Christ is the first born of God, and we have shown that He is the reason (word) of whom the whole human race partake. And those who live according to reason are Christians, even though they are counted atheists. Such were Socrates and Heraclitus among the Greeks, and those like them....a€ Consider the words of John Adams the second President of the United States in 1816: a€œThe Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount contain my religion.a€ Consider the words Bill Clinton the forty-second President of the United States: a€œIn 1955, I had absorbed enough of my churcha€™s teachings to know that I was a sinner and to want Jesus to save me...a€ Finally, consider the words of the writer of the small New Testament Book of III John: a€œWhoever does good is from God...a€ Good News for Moderns is based on Pruitta€™s reading of the scriptures and over one hundred authors of various points of view. In our busy time it is brief a€“ slightly more than one hundred thousand words supplemented by slightly less than one hundred thousand words of end-notes. It recognizes that human life moves by fast in what seems like an infinity of time and space and the book closes this way: a€œBy listing many who have come before us and the immensity of time and space I have underscored the brevity of our lives because as a Psalmist taught, recognizing our own mortality is the path to wisdom.a€75: Burton L Mack, The Lost Gospel: The Book of Q aamp; Christian Origins (San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 1993) 2301. ... to the Council of Chalcedon Volume 1 Revised Edition (Nashville, Abingdon Press, Kindle Edition, 1970, 1987) 149.

Title:Good News for Moderns
Author:Nero James Pruitt
Publisher:iUniverse - 2015-06-27


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