Good Boatkeeping

Good Boatkeeping

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For weekenders, world cruisers, and liveaboard boaters a€” a wide-ranging compendium of tips and projects to improve boats Good Boatkeeping is the perfect place to turn for innovative ideas and clear instructions on how to make a good boat even better and the sweet life even sweeter. Now this updated and expanded Second Edition offers you even more inventive approaches and easy-to-implement solutions to everything from anchoring and docking to getting rid of pests. This stand-out collection of tips and projects is carefully organized by space and activity. Each of its 27 chapters offers 100 suggestions, ideas, and how-to tips for making life onboard an absolute joy. Topics include organizing the galley, engine maintenance, optimizing storage, easier cleaning, greater comfort, and much more. a€œPractical, uncomplicated, based on experience.a€ a€”WoodenBoataccess to, 1 14 cleaning, 120 decommissioning, 224 freshwater cooling systems, 113-14, 129 instruction manuals, 113 ... 121 lubricants and corrosion prevention, 113 maintenance, importance of, 113 maintenance and repair help, 118-19 ... 265-66 float plan, 186 flooring, 83-84, 111 flour, 2 1, 50 flowerpots, 129 flowers, 84-85 fluke anchors, 146-47 fog bells, 142 ... 29, 238 foot pedal pumps, 111, 159- 60 foul-weather gear, 189 freeze-dried foods, 18-19 freezers defrosting, 58 draining, anbsp;...

Title:Good Boatkeeping
Author:Zora Aiken, David Aiken
Publisher:McGraw Hill Professional - 2005-09-09


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