God's Hidden Creation Numbers*

God's Hidden Creation Numbers*

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This second volume of short stories continues to view man as the strangest of all creatures. His actions are often dictated by reflex, more often by needs and desires, sometimes by well thought out plans and quite often by on the spot decisions. Man often may seem the most irrational of all creatures and his deeds can make one wonder if he is, as touted, the highest form of life. A man's thoughts are always more strange than his actions for thoughts have no physical or spiritual limits, no set rules that must be followed, no constraints that have to be obeyed, and no fear of being discovered. Within this small anthology of short stories, you will have the opportunity to travel a variety of strange roads and meet an odd assortment of characters, human and otherwise. Some may disturb you, some may frighten you, some may even amuse you but they all will play with your mind to the degree that your imagination permits them to do so. Trek through the jungle, visit the quiet cemetery, walk along the dark and lonely streets, journey up the Alps, travel those trails that lead to places that you will find on no map. Give your imagination free rein and take hold of Angel Dark's hand and walk beside her. But be careful. Not everything is as it first appears and even someone as beautiful as Angel has her dark side.Relationship between n, e, (p and the Area of a Scalene Triangle A scalene triangle has three (3) unequal sides. To find the area of this triangle we use Herona#39;s Formula: Let n, e, (p be the three (3) unequal sides and let S equal the semi-anbsp;...

Title:God's Hidden Creation Numbers*
Author:Charles D. Landis
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2008-07-01


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