Goddess X

Goddess X

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Goddess X begins in the heart and mind of Keith Martin, a twenty-six year old social worker who is slightly neurotic and overly nostalgic for the 1970s. He reluctantly trudges through his existence, resenting the present time and mourning the loss of his utopian childhood spent with Dawn; the kind and beautiful next-door neighbor who raised and nurtured him while his parents nurtured their careers. His banal reality shatters forever when he and his co-workers attend the grand opening of a ghoulish new bar called No Escape. Keith is shocked when he witnesses the owner of the bar, Dawn's conniving and controlling husband David, passionately kissing another woman. Realizing that he must warn Dawn, Keith decides to contact her despite the pain it will cause him to face his lost love, a woman twenty years his senior, a woman who was like a mother to him. Overcoming his fear, Keith makes a trip to his old neighborhood and pays a visit to Dawn, who welcomes him with tears and hugs. They quickly discover that their bond is as strong as ever, but that they must also face an awkward and intense physical attraction. Infused with new hope, they vow to never lose each other again. Keith's newfound bliss is short-lived as he discovers the dark secrets of the past. His entire being is shaken when he learns that Dawn, the qGoddessq of his childhood, had been verbally and physically abused by David throughout their entire marriage. He also learns that Dawn's house, his childhood sanctuary, is being plagued by paranormal phenomena, which began in 1974 when David and his mistress, Rosa, tried to invoke an evil spirit into the body of a marionette during a party. Enraged by this information, Keith begins an investigation that leads from the past to a future where David and Rosa, a self-proclaimed sorceress, are planning a bizarre and demonic demise for Dawn that's twenty-four years in the making. qFor a brand new writer, Robert St. Clare has the skills and abilities of a seasoned author. Like Charles Dickens, he gives his characters many dimensions, so much so that the reader canAat help liking and disliking the right ones. You really want to travel through the adventures and misadventures of Keith Martin, whose love for an older woman (his former baby-sitter, Dawn) overpowers him. He therefore falls prey to the dangers awaiting him, commandeered by DawnAas evil husband David and his mistress Rosa, an expert in Tibetan sorcery... An interesting and compelling tale in the flavor of Edgar Allen Poe, especially in St. ClareAas flash-backs to the Aa70Aas obsessions with drugs and the occult... A gripping page-turner.q C. Verrastro, WhoAas Who Among American TeachersAc Inducteesaid that it was funny to watch the cat jump around as it burned its paws. He said he and his friends ... He took a long swig and haphazardly spread out the pile of pictures. a€œWhat are you ... Youa#39;re just a maintenance person. And if you have any anbsp;...

Title:Goddess X
Author:Robert St. Clare
Publisher:Robert Verrastro - 2006-04-01


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