Globalization and American Popular Culture

Globalization and American Popular Culture

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A third edition of this book is now available. Now in a fully revised and updated edition, this concise and insightful book explores the ways American popular products such as movies, music, television programs, fast food, sports, and even clothing styles have molded and continue to influence modern globalization. Lane Crothers offers a thoughtful examination of both the appeal of American products worldwide and the fear and rejection they induce in many people and nations around the world. The author defines what we mean by qpopular culture, q how popular culture is distinguished from the generic concept of qculture, q and what constitutes qAmericanq popular culture. Tracing how U.S. movies, music, and TV became dominant in world popular culture, Crothers also considers the ways in which non-visual products like fast-food franchises, sports, and fashion have become ubiquitous. He also presents a fascinating set of case studies that highlight the varied roles American products play in a range of different nations and communities. Concluding with a projection of the future impact of American popular culture, this book makes a powerful argument for its central role in shaping global politics and economic development.This book also examines other features of American pop culture, including fast food, clothing, and sports. ... The Cadillac Escalade, a giant sport-utility vehicle made by General Motors, became the hottest selling luxury SUV after being featured in numerous rap music videos as a ... Similarly, when the last of the Star Wars movies was released in 2005, advertising directed interested consumers to websitesanbsp;...

Title:Globalization and American Popular Culture
Author:Lane Crothers
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2010


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