Global Population

Global Population

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Concern about the size of the worlda€™s population did not begin with the Baby Boomers. Overpopulation as a conceptual problem originated after World War I and was understood as an issue with far-reaching ecological, agricultural, economic, and geopolitical consequences. This study traces the idea of a world population problem as it developed from the 1920s through the 1950s, long before the late-1960s notion of a postwar a€œpopulation bomb.a€ Drawing on international conference transcripts, the volume reconstructs the twentieth-century discourse on population as an international issue concerned with migration, colonial expansion, sovereignty, and globalization. It connects the genealogy of population discourse to the rise of economically and demographically defined global regions, the characterization of a€œcivilizationsa€ with different standards of living, global attitudes toward a€œdevelopment, a€ and first- and third-world designations.Malthus, Essay (1798), 14a€“15. 50. ... 57. arthur Hobart nethercot, The First Five Lives of Annie Besant (Chicago: university of Chicago Press, 1960); arthur Hobart nethercot, The Last Four Lives of Annie Besant (Chicago: university of Chicagoanbsp;...

Title:Global Population
Author:Alison Bashford
Publisher:Columbia University Press - 2014-02-11


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