Global Community Policing

Global Community Policing

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In nations all over the world, community policing has been found extremely beneficial in improving public confidence in the police. Community-oriented policing and police-citizen cooperation is now the accepted framework for all progressive police departments. Drawn from the proceedings at the 2010 International Police Executive Symposium (IPES) in Kerala, India and other IPES sources, Global Community Policing: Problems and Challenges presents new insights into this policing model and a critical appraisal of successes and challenges in various jurisdictions across the globe. The book begins with a chapter on how governments can design, implement, and support community policing based on lessons learned from history. Next, it explores research findings and pilot programs for community policing in eight different regions from Sweden to South Africa. Topics addressed include police safety, female empowerment, the impact of emotional intelligence on community policing, predatory leadership, operational challenges, interactions between police and persons with mental illness, and civilian policing. The book examines ways of measuring the success of police policies through citizen surveys and other methods. It also discusses Operation Weed and Seed, a community policing initiative in the United States. A valuable resource for researchers and practitioners of community-oriented policing, this book demonstrates how the practices and even some of the principles guiding the framework of community policing vary greatly across jurisdictions. By reviewing the benefits and challenges inherent in this innovative policing model, police administrators can devise systems that best meet the needs of their communities.force is part of a traditional code of conduct and honor called Pashtunwali. The area is ... All recruits were subjected to a background check. ... Each unit was issued white Ford Ranger pickup trucks marked a€œAPPF, a€ plus communication gear.

Title:Global Community Policing
Author:Arvind Verma, Dilip K. Das, Manoj Abraham
Publisher:CRC Press - 2012-08-28


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