Gila Prophecy

Gila Prophecy

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Jason Beyer and his side-kick Carl Crawford are the leaders of an inner-city youth group who embark on a whitewater adventure into the Gila Wilderness. The novice paddlers are tested to the limit when the normally mild Gila River turns into a raging torrent that sweeps the group deep into the Gila Gorge and into the middle of a sinister plot led by a ruthless billionaire industrialist to uncover a national secret of hidden treasure, that if exposed could alter the world's economy. Chests of gold given to early explorers by an ancient people and lost on the Gila River provide the crucial link to the greedy billionaire's discovery of the riches. Only through the heroic actions of Jason and his group can the plot be foiled.It was 5:45 am as Shilling and three of his men leaned on the front hood of the black Lincoln Town Car in the parking lot of the Forest Service office. It was a chilly ... The streets were empty and would not start to see activity until the locals started making their way to church. ... Dressed in his Forest Service uniform sporting the standard issue Stetson hat, Agent Haley rolled down the window. a€œ Morning boys.

Title:Gila Prophecy
Author:Brent Botts - 2014-01


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