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When Mahnaaz saw Aftaab, he said to her: a€œWhen I see you I get lost in you. I feel how lucky am I, whose sweetheart is a girl like you? You seem to me like a fairy -- extremely beautiful or pari paikar, with angelic and innocent face, eyes as blue as that of very deep and a clear lake, pure like water flowing over the falls originating from the hilltops. In the garden of the world you are beauty of the garden, and all the beauty of the world is with your presence. God has created you in His own image in a majestic and artistic manner. You are a unique creation of the Creator with no parallels in the entire world. You seem to me as if you are daughter of the moon or binat a€“e- mahtaab, who has come down to the earth to play with mea€ The girls working in the guesthouse were Yati, Nessa, and Sundri. The most beautiful was Sundri. Someone very correctly gave her a nickname, Ghunchah, meaning the bud of a rose flower. But she was very unfortunate. Her husband died just two years after the marriage. Most of the women who visited her for condolence advised her to have patience. But she knew how difficult it was and only that one knew who had gone through it. When I saw my bride for the very first time I said to her, a€œZarina! If you like that our married life may be comfortable and enviable, please try to be obedient to my dear mother just like me. And also love my younger brothers and sister, and keep them happy.a€ Chewing paan (betel leaf) and looking at Saleem Rekha said, a€œShehzadae! Merhaba (welcome Prince). Nargis, Bunto, Nina, Bulbul and Kasturi are since long waiting for you.a€ The very first song, which Nargis sang while the other girls were dancing, was a very popular Punjabi Folk song which means: Oh! My sweetheart where had you spent the night? My heart was lost in your thoughts throughout the long and tiring night. Sunil proposed to construct a new Town to be named as Soergnagar (a town in paradise) to help the poor and needy to fulfill their basic needs: Rooti (bread), Kupra (clothes) aur (and) Makaan (home). And there would be no restriction, whatsoever, to shooders (untouchable). They would be treated equally and fairly as all others. After waiting for two hours and making several rounds of the Accountant Generala€™s (A. G.) Office building in Lahore, Gul Khaan, Bacha Khaan and Shair Gul Khaan were tired. Shair Gul said, a€œ Yeh khanzir ka bachha, Bhatti kahaan chupp gia. Yeh zalil to soodh khoor Pathanoo ko bhee dugha dae gia. This son of a pig, Batti, where did he hide himself? This mean fellow succeeded in cheating even the money lender Pathaans who eat the interest earned. That borrowed money Bhatti used to spend on hiring model girls for his nights. He told me, a€œHe is doing so to take revenge from the women, because my entire life has been ruined by a woman a€“ my stepmother (Soteeli Maan).Sabir Mirza. headmaster of the school informed to his grandfather that Faheem was very weak in English. ... While Faheem was in eighth grade there was a countrywide competition for an essay in Urdu by the middle school students. Faheem ... In the final exam of tenth grade, Matriculation Examination, which was organized by the Provincial Universities Faheem, got a compartment in English. Later, heanbsp;...

Author:Sabir Mirza
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