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Chris Landruma€™s idyllic life of retirement on the South Carolina barrier island of Folly Beach just got turned upside down. After more than two decades, his ex-wife, Joan, calls to wish him a merry Christmas. He can tell she wants to tell him something more, but their conversation is cut short before he learns anything. Somethinga€™s up. A second call from Joana€™s best friend delivers startling news. Joana€™s husband has just been killed in an automobile accident in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, and Joan wants Chris to investigate. Even though ita€™s hundreds of miles from Chrisa€™s peaceful beach cottage, he agrees to help. Meanwhile, Chrisa€™s best and strangest friend, Charles, joins the working world as a bartending private detective, two jobs he stumbles and bumbles through with equal measures of incompetence. Country Cal, an aging country music singer and new bar owner, hires Charles to catch a petty thief who is stealing bourbon and cash. Heather, a psychic and Charlesa€™s main squeeze, blames ghosts; since no one can figure out how the culprit is breaking in, she seems to be right. Unfortunately for Chris, hea€™s got a little more to worry about than missing booze. It looks like Joana€™s husband was murdered. Now, Chris has to find the culprit before he becomes the next victima€”hardly a day at the beach!a€œIdiot, a€ he mumbled toward a yellow Chevy Malibu that pulled out in front of us. He shook his head. a€œWhere was I? Oh yeah. Munson even confessed that he overheard Tag talking to one of the service techs who had installed an imitationanbsp;...

Author:Bill Noel
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-08-22


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