Getting to Standard Work in Health Care

Getting to Standard Work in Health Care

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Addressing the challenges involved in achieving standard work in health care, Getting to Standard Work in Health Care: Using TWI to Create a Foundation for Quality Care describes how to incorporate the most widely used Training Within Industry (TWI) method, the Job Instruction (JI) training module, to facilitate performance excellence and boost employee morale in a health care organization. It not only examines the JI methodology but also explains how this program is as vital and applicable in todaya€™s health care environment as it was when it was developed to train replacements of an industrial workforce off to fight in WWII. Placing this methodology squarely within the health care paradigm, the book uses easy-to-understand terminology to describe how this method can make all the difference in the delivery of quality health care. Supplying the foundation for successful Lean practice in health care, it clearly defines the role of standard work and training in relation to Lean health care. The text includes case studies of current TWI usage in health care that demonstrate how to successfully roll out a sustainable Job Instruction initiative. Containing numerous examples of Job Instruction breakdowns in health care, the book provides you with the understanding of how to use this time-tested methodology to improve training, increase efficiency, and decrease strain in your organization. CRC Press Authors Speak Patrick Graupp and Martha Purrier discuss their book. Watch Part 1 Watch Part 2Even after the 10 hours of training, we felt that the group still needed practice and that the breakdowns we made in the class ... Talent and found the TWI training program, the VMMC staff knew that hand hygiene would be an area we wanted to pursue. ... This is true in the public at large, but much more important for the working people of hospitals and health care ... At VMMC, the slogan is a€œThe single most important thing we can do to keep patients and ourselves safe is handwashing.

Title:Getting to Standard Work in Health Care
Author:Patrick Graupp, Martha Purrier
Publisher:CRC Press - 2012-08-27


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