Get Off Your Knees and Pray

Get Off Your Knees and Pray

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Having trouble talking to God? Youa€™re not alone. We know we can talk to God, but it just sounds so important, so intimidating, so religious. We assume that only the very spiritual talk to him or hear from him directly. But author Sheila Walsh says, qEvery sound we utter, every thank you we say, every tear we cry in God's presence is prayer.q Get Off Your Knees and Pray is a real woman's guide to real prayer?from understanding the biblical basis for prayer to cultivating a vital personal relationship with God. It is the perfect blend of practical advice, personal stories, and biblical truth to encourage and help you achieve greater intimacy with God through prayer. Prayer is not just a few sentences we say while on our knees. It is living out our ongoing, every-moment commitment to God. qSheila steers us away from prayer as formula (say the right things the right way and God responds) and toward prayer as picture?a picture of God's desired relationship. Talking. Listening. Trusting. Living. This volume, warm and witty like its author, deserves a spot on every reading calendar.q ?Max Lucado, best-selling author and minister qNo matter what kind of difficulty you have about prayer, this book will help. Sheila has experienced all of them, and she will take you through them to where God has taken her: straight into His very real and accepting Presence.q ?Dr. Henry Cloud, speaker and coauthor of BoundariesBut if I look at how I divide up the time I spend on Christian, most of it is on the a€œ doinga€ side of things as opposed to interceding on his ... Christian needs to be fed, have clean clothes for school, and a home to live in that doesna#39;t look like Attila the Hun just marched his troops through it. ... For instance, as Christmas 2006 approached, I knew Christian really hoped to get the new Nintendo Wii game system.

Title:Get Off Your Knees and Pray
Author:Sheila Walsh
Publisher:Thomas Nelson Inc - 2010-02-14


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