George C. Wallace and the Politics of Powerlessness

George C. Wallace and the Politics of Powerlessness

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This is the only complete study of the Wallace phenomenon. It covers all of the presidential campaigns and views wallace from a variety of vantage ints: historical context, content analAsysis of speeches, and analysis of elecAstion data, including voting statistics and attitudinal patterns of supporters. PoliAstics of Powerlessness examines naAstionwide support for George C. WalAslace in the presidential campaigns of 1964, 1968, 1972, and 1976. A number of election and candidate preference surveys are used as sources of data on supporters. An understanding of WalAslace's appeal is provided through an examination of themes noted throughAsout his speeches and an analysis of his political history from biographical sources, personal interviews, and newspaper accounts of the time. The picture of Wallace that emerges is one of a man who saw himself as a crusader for his supporters' interests, while deAsliberately heightening and intensifying their feelings of powerlessness as a means of getting votes. Carlson shows that Wallace voters were not marginal. They did not reflect a loss of status, nor were they simply outside the mainstream of political life. They were very much like major party voters, with the exception of their feelAsings of political powerlessness that me about by increased government ..rticipation in state politics. This work informed not only by a careful analAsysis, but by interviews with Wallace, many of his followers, and people active in his campaigns. The work has the additional advantage of having follow-up analyses and interviews as, late as 1978. In this sense, it represents not only a scholarly analysis of the Wallace phenomenon, but the most up-to-date analysis as well.aquot;Most signed up in areas of Wallace strength, and most were transported to the registration offices in cars festooned with Wallace stickersaquot; (Apple 1970c). Wallace, referring to the large black vote which Brewer had gotten in the primary as theanbsp;...

Title:George C. Wallace and the Politics of Powerlessness
Author:Jody Carlson
Publisher:Transaction Publishers - 1981-01-01


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