Geology and the Environment

Geology and the Environment

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Pipkin/Trent/Hazlett/Biermana€™s GEOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT explores the relationship between humans and the geologic hazards, processes, and resources that surround us. This stellar author team has the most field expertise, and the greatest depth of experience in bringing this knowledge to the student of any in this market. In the 6th edition of this tested market leader the authors have fully integrated coverage of how climate change and global warming impact geologic processes. Both human and non-human-induced climate change topics are discussed in a newly developed chapter called The Earth System and Climate Change. This chapter sets the context for understanding how Mana€™s interaction with the Earth System is a contributor to climate change and global warming. The acclaimed Case Studies feature at the end of chapters now includes 10 cases on climate change and global warming topics. GEOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT is written with an emphasis on how geology can improve the human condition. This new edition updates demographic statistics and the problems of overpopulation, reviewing what we have to do in order to create a sustainable society for the next generation. The new edition also introduces a new feature called Questions to Ponder, which further encourages students to think critically about pressing issues of social and environmental importance. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.price tag. Chapter 12 pointed out the high price of alternative power sources, solar and wind. A factor shared by hybrid cars and wind and solar energy is the ... yttrium, and 15 lanthanides, of which lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, europium, and ytterbium are key elements used in these cars. Hybrid automobiles, such as the Toyota Prius, Honda Escape, Honda Civic Hybrid, Ford Focus, and Chevy Volt, are ... Copyright 2010 Cengage Learning, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Title:Geology and the Environment
Author:Bernard Pipkin, Dee Trent, Richard Hazlett, Paul Bierman
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2010-06-17


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