Gently with the Tides

Gently with the Tides

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At one time or another almost all boaters-and many non-boaters-fantasize about leaving behind the house, lawn, and neighbors and moving aboard a boat. But leaving behind a familiar, comfortable lifestyle for the Perils Of The Sea is a quantum leap, not to be taken lightly. That so few actually make thr break has less to do with the rigors of the lifestyle than the lack of information about what it's really like. Since 1972, Living Aboard Journal has served as an idea exchange for the members of the Homaflote Association-live-aboards from all walks of life spread all around the globe. Fueled by 18 years of the best letters, articles, and firsthand accounts from Living Aboard magazine, Gently With the Tides is a powerful testimonial to the lure and romance of living aboard a boat. It is also a compendium of the pitfalls, disappointments, and setbacks. Most of all, it is a high-octane dream-feeder for liveaboard aspirants. It will help them decide whether to, it will tell them how to, and, most important, it will fill their dreams with why to.Sailboat owners averaged $3 per month per foot for maintenance and $41 per year per foot for supplies. ... Therefore, for the average 37 foot sailboat the monthly maintenance cost is about $237. ... that maintenance and home costs run around one percent of the house value per month, it would appear that boat homes are.

Title:Gently with the Tides
Author:Michael L. Frankel
Publisher:Ocean Conservancy - 1990-01-01


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