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Jim Monday?s wife left him for a slick German doctor named Kohler and his existence went all to hell. He suspects the doctor wants his money more than his wife and hires his best friend as his lawyer. Then his friend is killed before his eyes.Jim attacks Kohler for the crime and is arrested. He knows the doctor did it, but has no proof and can?t get any behind bars. While in jail he learns about Donna, a woman in trouble who desperately needs to be rescued. She is the victim of the same man who has stolen his wife. It has been a long time since his days in the violent Vietnamese jungle, a long time since he?s had to call on skills he?d put to rest. He?s rusty, but not useless.He has to escape, has to rescue both Donna and his wife, has to save them from a horrible fate. However Kohler is as evil as Lucifer himself and calls forth an ancient horror to end Jim?s life, once and for all. Jim escapes from jail and goes after the doctor with the police hot on his trail. He knows what?s after him, but he has no idea about what?s waiting, electric wires, anything that could become a large falling object. ... Then the Miataa#39;s cat-like engine was drowned out by a great rumbling scream, followed by a bellowing hiss that sent Shockwaves to their souls, dwarfing the terror causedanbsp;...

Author:Jack Priest
Publisher:Bootleg Press - 2003-01-01


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