Gas separation technology

Gas separation technology

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The important role of separation in various branches of science and technology demands a comprehensive and integrated treatment of the subject. Hence, a science of separation is now emerging that deals with the fundamental physical and chemical phenomena involved in the attainment of separations, as well as with the development and application of various processes. This book aims to present a comprehensive treatment of both fundamental aspects and practical applications of gas separations, purification and related techniques. Gas separations are usually achieved by physical or physicochemical phenomena, divided into equilibrium and rate processes, although chemical reactions may also be involved in this process. The fundamentals of thermodynamics and modelling, both important for better design and process operations, are therefore discussed in this book. Latest developments in gas separations using sorbents such as zeolites, activated carbon, impregnated materials etc. are also handled, as are gas separations using membranes, cryogenic techniques and chemical processes, including catalytic purification. Various gas separation methods are evaluated and compared, together with mixed technologies, in terms of practical objectives such as performance, limitations and cost. A special section is devoted to the promising new developments in accurate gas measurements.The effect of operating parameters cycle time, cycle high and low pressure, and varying feed and purge flow rates, on the separation is investigated. The effectiveness of the adsorbents in the demethanization process is compared. ... the separation from crude oil by GOSPa#39;s at the well head, or in the production of natural gas only from gas reservoirs. ... A schematic diagram of the unit is shown in Figure 2.

Title:Gas separation technology
Author:E. F. Vansant, R. Dewolfs
Publisher:Elsevier Science Ltd - 1990


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