Game-Theoretical Semantics

Game-Theoretical Semantics

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This book is a collection of studies applying game-theoretical concepts and ideas to analysing the semantics of natural language and some formal languages. The bulk of the book consists of several papers by Hintikka, Carlson and Saarinen and discusses several of the central problems of the semantics of natural language. The topics covered are the semantics of natural language quantifiers, conditionals, pronouns and anaphora more generally. Hintikkabs famous essay presenting examples of bbranching quantifier structuresb in English, as well as one formulating his bany-every thesisb, are included. The book also includes Hintikkabs closely argued philosophical discussion of the relationships between the new semantical games with the language games of Wittgenstein. Other papers apply the game-theoretical approach to formal languages including tense logics and tense anaphora (Saarinen), deontic logic and Rossb paradox (Hintikka), and usual predicate logic (Rantala). The latter amounts to an explication of the bimpossible possibleb worlds as is shown in Hintikkabs concluding paper.Essays on Semantics by Hintikka, Carlson, Peacocke, Rantala and Saarinen Esa Saarinen ... problem of natural-language quantifiers Once upon a time most logicians believed that their quantifiers were obtained from the quantifiers of natural languages by abstraction or regimentation. ... Generative semanticists like George Lakoff have proposed using formulas of formalized quantification theory not onlyanbsp;...

Title:Game-Theoretical Semantics
Author:Esa Saarinen
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2007-11-05


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