Fuzzy Logic and Probability Applications

Fuzzy Logic and Probability Applications

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Probabilists and fuzzy enthusiasts tend to disagree about which philosophy is best and they rarely work together. As a result, textbooks usually suggest only one of these methods for problem solving, but not both. This book is an exception. The authors, investigators from both fields, have combined their talents to provide a practical guide showing that both fuzzy logic and probability have their place in the world of problem solving. They work together with mutual benefit for both disciplines, providing scientists and engineers with examples of and insight into the best tool for solving problems involving uncertainty. Fuzzy Logic and Probability Applications: Bridging the Gap makes an honest effort to show both the shortcomings and benefits of each technique, and even demonstrates useful combinations of the two. It provides clear descriptions of both fuzzy logic and probability, as well as the theoretical background, examples, and applications from both fields, making it a useful hands-on workbook for members of both camps. It contains enough theory and references to fundamental work to provide firm ground for both engineers and scientists at the undergraduate level and above. Readers should have a familiarity with mathematics through calculus.Block flow diagram for a PID controller(Example 4c). Observing Figure 8.21, we can see that the PID controller does not turn the fan on until the body heat loss is less than or equal to the setpoint. This makes sense, because if the temperatureanbsp;...

Title:Fuzzy Logic and Probability Applications
Author:Timothy J. Ross, Jane M. Booker, W. Jerry Parkinson
Publisher:SIAM - 2002


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