Fuzzy Database Modeling of Imprecise and Uncertain Engineering Information

Fuzzy Database Modeling of Imprecise and Uncertain Engineering Information

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Computer-based information technologies have been extensively used to help industries manage their processes and information systems hereby - come their nervous center. More specially, databases are designed to s- port the data storage, processing, and retrieval activities related to data management in information systems. Database management systems p- vide efficient task support and database systems are the key to impleme- ing industrial data management. Industrial data management requires da- base technique support. Industrial applications, however, are typically data and knowledge intensive applications and have some unique character- tics that makes their management difficult. Besides, some new techniques such as Web, artificial intelligence, and etc. have been introduced into - dustrial applications. These unique characteristics and usage of new te- nologies have put many potential requirements on industrial data mana- ment, which challenge todaya€™s database systems and promote their evolvement. Viewed from database technology, information modeling in databases can be identified at two levels: (conceptual) data modeling and (logical) database modeling. This results in conceptual (semantic) data model and logical database model. Generally a conceptual data model is designed and then the designed conceptual data model will be transformed into a chosen logical database schema. Database systems based on logical database model are used to build information systems for data mana- ment. Much attention has been directed at conceptual data modeling of - dustrial information systems. Product data models, for example, can be views as a class of semantic data models (i. e.We use a double line with an arrowhead to denote the second level of fuzziness in the association relationship. Figure 4.9 shows ... So classes CD Player and Car have association relationship installing with 0.8 possibility degree. In (b), it is anbsp;...

Title:Fuzzy Database Modeling of Imprecise and Uncertain Engineering Information
Author:Zongmin Ma
Publisher:Springer - 2008-09-12


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