Futile Progress

Futile Progress

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Do new innovations and products improve our lives? Has our relentless pursuit of technological progress eliminated the blight of poverty, of inequality, of discrimination, of crime, of war? Has the advance of technology increased our happiness and led us to fulfillment and social harmony? The ads would have us think so. But not all technological innovation is desirable, and the fastest rate of change is not necessarily the best. Futile Progress explores the multiple and far-reaching ways in which our society and our environment have been affected by technological change. It reveals how far unfettered 'advances' can be blamed for environmental damage, and analyses to what extent our unquestioning acceptance of new technologies has contributed to the social insecurity, inequality and dislocation evident today. In this original and thought provoking book, Ernest Braun argues for effective safeguards against these adverse effects of technologies beneficial to society receive public support. Only if the consequences of technological change are anticipated can technology be harnessed to work for common good.have agreed to the joint development ofa new multiplexing system, which is supposed to replace the conventional electrical wiring harness inthe car of the future. The big three have also ... Almostathird ofthis total wenton developing a brand-new range of engines and on refurbishing the engine production plant. ... Ford arereputed to have spent $6 billion in six yearson the developmentof the Mondeo andits derivatives, suchas the Contour fortheUSmarket, to serveastheir newglobalanbsp;...

Title:Futile Progress
Author:Ernest Braun
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-06-03


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