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Fusarium: Paul E. Nelson Memorial Symposium is a new book on this significant fungal genus, one of the most economically important groups of fungi causing diseases on a wide variety of plants. This book is a collection of papers written by world authorities in Fusarium research as presented at a memorial symposium held in commemoration of the life of Professor Paul E. Nelson. During a period when there is a lot of confusion about the taxonomy, biology, and genetics of this fungus, the timely publication of Fusarium: Paul E. Nelson Memorial Symposium is a welcome resource for mycologists, plant scientists, ecologists, microbiologists, mycotoxicologists, fungal geneticists, educators, students, and others interested in Fusarium.Marasas, W.F.O., Nelson, P.E., and Toussoun, T.A. 1984. Toxigenic ... Miller, J.D., Greenhalgh, R., Wang, Y.Z., and Lu, M. 1991. Trichothecene ... An illustrated manual for identification. ... Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1042: 1 19-125. 93.

Author:Brett A. Summerell, American Phytopathological Society
Publisher:Amer Phytopathological Society - 2001-01-01


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