Fundamentals of Automation and Remote Control

Fundamentals of Automation and Remote Control

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International Series of Monographs in Automation and Automatic Control, Volume 7: Fundamentals of Automation and Remote Control describes the complex systems of automatic control and telecontrol. This text is a translation from the second Russian edition. This book contains descriptive material on the fundamentals of automation and remote control, with attention to electrical components and systems. Part I deals with the basic components of automation and remote control, such as functions and general characteristics, and electromechanical, ferromagnetic, and electronic and radioactive components. The construction of automation systems that use radioactive isotopes is given as an example where the penetrating power of the radioactive radiation can measure the thickness of an object. Part II discusses automation systems and describes the principles of stability analysis that are needed in the dynamics of automatic regulation and control, follower, and measuring systems. A schematic diagram of an automatic speed regulator is analyzed in detail as an example. Part III is a description of the many remote control systems that are used, for example, in signaling systems, in telemetry systems, and in command-link systems. The importance of communication channels to remote control systems is also pointed out. Long-range signaling and telecontrol, which uses selection methods to assign the correct signals, are explained. A diagram of a telecontrol unit with time separation of signals is illustrated, and the protection of the unit from employing distorted signals is explained. Mechanical engineers, technicians, and students with serious interest in automatic control and telecontrol will find this book valuable.The stabilizer circuit is shown in Fig. 6.21. A stabilitron is connected in parallel with the load RL, and a large resistance R1 is connected in series with the power supply circuit. ... Circuit diagram of a gaseous voltage stabilizer (stabilitron). FIG.

Title:Fundamentals of Automation and Remote Control
Author:S. A. Ginzburg, I. Ya. Lekhtman, V. S. Malov
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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