Fun in Store for Students

Fun in Store for Students

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Fun qIn Storeq For Students has a variety of sections designed to meet a variety of goals. Teachers and facilitators can use this resource and activity book to justify, develop, and operate a school store or a school based business. There are many reasons why you or your school may have the goal of developing and operating a school store. These reasons may include: integrating academic standards into the classroom providing your school with a continuous fundraiser developing job seeking, employability, and worker maturity skills assessing and evaluating your students developing community and business partnerships providing students with interesting work experiences maximizing academic success by connecting school-to-work integrating school and work-based learning increasing awareness of careers including entrepreneurship developing financial literacy skills If your goal is the integration of your students with academic standards when developing and operating a school store, then section 1 has a step-by-step process for getting administrative approval, hiring students, orientating students, developing a business plan, monitoring the store, assessment and evaluation of the students and the store, and future ideas for your school store. If your goal is to just have a continuous fundraiser, section 6 contains assembly plans to build the biggest, most durable, self-locking mobile school store that can be used in a variety of locations. Some of the features of this mobile store are solid construction, secure locking, easy mobility, 12 adjustable shelves, and a 48q by 37q acrylic front. Some of the benefits of the store are that it is a continuous fundraiser, you can display merchandise effectively, it is very mobile, and the store can be built at a reasonable cost. qThere were so many reproducible pages that I could immediately use when starting the school store and then in the classroom. The hands-on activities, resources, and the consumer math section opened my student's eyes to how school work relates to career work and the math associated with real-life living. Also, my students learned a lot of employability skills. The worker maturity self-evaluations, worker maturity teacher evaluations, and tests advanced their worker maturity skills early in lifeq---Carrie King, M.S......Occupational Teacher qI like the way the book was presented and organized. I could easily navigate through the appendices to find what I was looking for. The lesson plans and curriculum integration ideas gave me more tools and resources to help us achieve our goals and objectivesq----Cassandra Chaney, M.S......Resource CoordinatorTo do that, calculate: A. Sales Tax (5% of car cost) B. Car cost with tax (principal) C. Interest over 4 years (principal x rate x time) D. Total car cost with interest E. How many months are in 4 years? F. Car cost per month (D divided by E) 2.

Title:Fun in Store for Students
Author:Chad B. Klapper M. S.
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-01


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