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Spy satellites at Buckley Air Force Base intercept a cryptic communication between terrorists in the Middle East. No one can decode the message. But one thing seems clear. Something terrible is hidden deep within one of America's national forests. The terrorists know the location and are on the way in. With only days to stop unthinkable destruction, the president authorizes early activation of Ghost Eagle 2, Team Shining Mountains. Led by the wealthy and mysterious CIA operative Portia Olivia Hanscomb, Shining Mountains will operate out of Chateau de Montagne, in Aspen, Colorado. On the team are Matt Yancey and Ute Indian twins Luke and Lucia Thompson-all in their junior year at Aurora High. Ghost Eagle 1, Team Kamehameha, is enroute to join them. Nobody knows where the terrorists are, where they're going, or how much time is left. But the terrorists don't realize they've just set foot on sacred ground-the ancestral lands of the Utes the people of the Shining Mountains. Will the eagle catch its prey? A quarter-million lives hang in the balance. The hunt is on.a€œThe Border Patrol will hear the noise of your shot, a€ the guide said. ... Now, jump.a€ The guide ran. He zigged and zagged as bullets hit the underbrush around him. About thirty yards out he ran headlong into a patch ... Ford Explorer...thata#39;s them.

Author:James Wallace
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-08-12


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