Frozen Flamingo Blues

Frozen Flamingo Blues

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Tossed out by his girlfriend and turned away by his old friend Frankie, Milo Thomas is broke and alone on the mean streets of Detroit. He inadvertently absconds with a briefcase full of the moba€™s money while trying to fend off a mobster. His plan to return the money is thwarted when a marine hitchhiker disappears with the money. Desperate, Milo heads north in a raging blizzard to reunite with his wealthy but estranged brother, hoping that they can renew their friendship and perhaps his brother can help Milo out. But when his brother does not support him, he then begins a search to find the marine and get back the moba€™s money. While trying to stay ahead of the bad guys, he becomes embroiled with the local citizenry of of a small town who have found a unique, if not illegal, way of dealing with its sagging economy. They are not happy with his interference, and the results are murder and mayhem. Miloa€™s relationship with a local woman, Annie, blossoms into a full-scale romance, and he develops a curious relationship with Anniea€™s brilliant fifteen-year-old daughter.It was a large Ford F250 with oversize tires and filled with NASCAR decals and empty Bud Light cans. ... the restaurant but went right to their room and ordered room service: a bottle of twelve-year-old Glenmorangie scotcha€”the best they had .

Title:Frozen Flamingo Blues
Author:Jerry Sarasin
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-08-05


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