Frontiers in Visual Science

Frontiers in Visual Science

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The papers included in this volume were presented as a part of the dedication of a new clinical/teaching/research facility for the University of Houston College of Optometry, March 27-31, 1977. These papers were intended to cover the qstate of the artq knowledge in all areas of visual system investigation. While we may not have quite reached our goal of covering all areas, the papers presented here cover a broad cross-section of investigations in vision. However, without doubt, the intention of qstate of the artq coverage was achieved in all areas discussed. From the beginning, with the presentation of Nobel Laureate, Ragnar Granit, to the end, with consideration of Vision Health Care Delivery Systems, each speaker was thorough in treatment of his/her subject. From studies of the ~ and of contact lenses, through examination of crystalline lens function, ocular pathologies and retina! function, the eye is very thoroughly considered. Much of this volume covers material dealing with the process of vision after coding of information in the eye. Psychophysical studies of vision compare and contrast with neurophysiological studies of v1sual function; and a very thorough section on the development of visual system function should prove valuable to a wide cross section of teachers, researchers, and clinicians. All-in-all, the contents of this volume represent a vast array of knowledge about the visual system, and this should be a valuable teaching/research resource for many years.To make it possible for children to progress relative to their behavior age, additional grade steps were introduced (4 1/2 years and 5 ... and problem solving activities program started in February, 1966 with a pilot program in the second grade.

Title:Frontiers in Visual Science
Author:Steven J. Cool, Earl L. Smith
Publisher:Springer - 2013-06-05


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