From This World

From This World

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a€œI dona€™t want to talk about these aliens anymore. When I think about them too much I get a headache, as if a tight band is being wrapped around my head. I begin perspiring, and my breaking picks up, a€ says Vikram Jani, the central character of From this World. Born in Miramichi, New Brunswick, Vikram is ethnically East Indian and a citizen of Canada. And while he has always been an outsider, reading books on his own, studying Indian history at his leisure, Vikrama€™s tendency to isolate himself from others soars after moving away from home. As a student at New Brunswicka€™s largest university, he ends up in a world eroded by alien visitors. Though nearly everyone else finds these aliens enticing, Vikram hides in his apartment, locks his door, and watches the news carefully, with his thumb hovering over the power button. Only after most of the city has disappeared does he dare wander around. Armed with a voice recorder, he tries to maintain his sanity by talking to himself, narrating his own romantic tale.... go with Tom to buy decals for his car. He never asked me ... A few moments later, Marilyn called out from the kitchen, asking if Ia#39;d like anything to drink. She listed off several varieties of beer and apple juice and orange juice. I told her that Ianbsp;...

Title:From This World
Author:Daniel Adsett
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2013-03-18


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