From Sabotage to Success

From Sabotage to Success

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We all have our own definitions of success and our own ways of sabotaging success. Do you sometimes find yourself feeling defeated? Do you ever think to yourself, qI know I can do better than this?q If so, this book is for you. Perhaps you've started a number of projects only to find yourself quitting before their completion. Maybe you've had success in many areas of your life but find yourself stuck when it comes to achieving a particular kind of success such as permanent weight loss, career satisfaction or fulfilling relationships. Zampelli outlines a step-by-step program for change and a set of tools to put that program into action. In addition, you'll read stories and examples of how real people like you overcame real obstacles in their lives. Author Sheri Zampelli is no stranger to self-sabotage. This book is infused with inspiring personal stories of how she overcame addiction, abusive relationships and poverty. This book can give you a sense of hope that change is possible for you. Additionally, you'll have a set of easy-to-use tools designed to help you conquer self-sabotage and soar to success. Sheri O. Zampelli began leading workshops on the Six Steps From Sabotage to Success in 1992. She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist in private practice and produces motivational/hypnosis audio CD's to help people take charge of their mind and body.For example, Joseph wanted to clean out his car. He had been accumulating junk for five years and his car was jam-packed with papers, clothes, books, and trash. The mere thought of cleaning the car made him feel overwhelmed andanbsp;...

Title:From Sabotage to Success
Author:Sheri O. Zampelli
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-11


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