From rugs to riches

From rugs to riches

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How do technological and cultural developments interact to affect consumption? What do ways of using household goods in specific historical contexts tell us about individual and collective identities? Do changes in consumption patterns emancipate social groups or reinforce existing structures of power? The 'economic miracle' experienced by West Germany in the 1950s and 1960s had profound effects on everyday life and gender relations. This book reflects the growing need for historical research on leisure and consumption in the modern period and provides a very entertaining and carefully researched study of ideas about women, men, housework, consumption, and modernity. It contrasts the virtual reality presented by advertisements with the important qualitative changes in household appliancesand how they affected everyday life and gender roles. New products claimed to make housework easier, but the idea of substituting money for labor contrasted with the ideal of the thrifty, hard-working housewife and a clear division of gender roles. The author examines a broad range of issues encompassing the transformation of household appliances from luxuries to necessities, the threat of consumer debt, men and housework, women and technology, and labor and leisure in the modern household. This timely book represents a significant contribution to the following areas: material culture, German history, women's history, sociology, media/cultural studies and anthropology.... cleaning products and vacuum cleaners were also advertised as promoting family health through better hygiene. ... Advertisements for appliances and other household products rarely showed manual labour being performed. ... out laundry, but more commonly the happy owner was shown engaging in leisure activities or simply gesturing toward the machine. Mixers were almost Figure 4.13 Advertisement for Miele washing machine (detail), Ihre Freundin - 144- From Rugs to Riches.

Title:From rugs to riches
Author:Jennifer Ann Loehlin
Publisher:Berg Publishers - 1999-12-01


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