From Ignorance to Literacy

From Ignorance to Literacy

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Are you in or coming out of financial trouble and want to start over the right way, with a proper biblical understanding of money? Are you looking for a clear understanding of how to manage your finances? Need some critical analysis and practical advice about getting back on track? If so, this book is for you. It tackles questions and topics such as: StewardshipWhat is biblical stewardship and why is it important in financial literacy?Character traits of a good steward?EarningProfessions that are Godly and God given.How do I find my life's work?SpendingMindsets of a dysfunctional spender.Tools and techniques of a value shopper.BorrowingDebt and dysfunctional behavior.Getting debt problems under control and becoming debt free.GivingThe power of giving.Three components of giving and cultivating a giving heart.InvestingHow do I invest and where to begin?Get rich quick schemes and why they don't work?How to recognize schemes?ProtectingPlanning for worst-case scenarios and for the unexpected.The four areas of life that require disaster planning.David Wood is a banking executive with a leading financial institution. He is passionate about financial literacy and believes the road to financial health must come from combining sound biblical principles with practical financial tools and strategies.He began his career 32 years ago, received training on Wall Street and rose through the ranks of banking and commercial real estate finance. Along the way, he also started and ran a small business, and endured his own journey from financial ruin to financial restoration and health. He shares how he started over and what principals and behaviors helped him achieve complete recovery.For more information about the author and this book, contact: David A. WoodDL Wood Group213-375-3661dlwoodgroup.comfromignorancetoliteracy.comFour-year-old cars are not old and most stylish new models hold their appeal at least that long. Now you ... Buy a Kelly Blue Book of car values or an Edmunds car buying guide and look up the wholesale value of your car based on its age twenty-four months from now. If you have a ... If you have already paid off your car and have a savings account for this specific purpose (do not use that rainy day fund!)anbsp;...

Title:From Ignorance to Literacy
Author:David A. Wood
Publisher:Xulon Press - 2011-08-01


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