Free At Last in Paradise

Free At Last in Paradise

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FREE AT LAST IN PARADISE is a historical novel on Sri Lanka. It is the first part of A SRI LANKAN TRILOGY FROM FREEDOM TO PEACE and deals with the period 1848 to 1948 when the country evolved into a modern nation and regained independence. It is a gripping novel tracing the path of the freedom movement, in then Ceylon from the 1848 rebellion to Independence in 1948. It features a Buddhist boy; a young novice in a temple, later educated in missionary schools, becomes a government functionary, a forest monk and still later an erudite scholar, whose life parallels the freedom movement driven mainly by the Buddhist revival led by Colonel Henry Steel Olcott and his followers Anagarika Dharmapala and Sir Baron Jayatilake. The hero was a strong nationalist, deeply involved in the movement most of his adult life. Though a work of epic proportions, full of information masterfully dissecting every aspect of social and family life, with all its strains of caste and class, as well as the political and cultural scene of Ceylon at the time, it is a triumphant love story, that is by turns dramatic and powerful, romantic and tender that makes you want to keep reading. Displaying the author's dexterity, the most readable prose is appropriately laced with exhilarating verse. This is an extraordinary novel that exemplifies the best of historical fiction. Somehow he has managed to make the story both educational and, dare I say it, fun! a€œThe book will be read with pleasure, q says David Vickery of Britain, qby those who love Ceylon and introduce those who have no knowledge of the country to a fascinating society.q Leslie Gray M.D. of Denver, Colorado, USA, in his review published in the Journal of Theosophical History, says, a€œa magnum opus, a masterpiece from any angle. Elegant style, eloquent language, relentless tempo, exciting and almost galloping.a€But hardly any change was made in the volume or tempo of their activities. ... For a moment I thought he had read Homer and watched to see what words a#39;should escape the fence of my teetha#39;. ... and for that matter Madame Blavatsky fell in love with Horror-Ford where they were accommodated in the government rest house.

Title:Free At Last in Paradise
Author:Ananda W. P. Guruge
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-07-08


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