“Found in a Garbage Can”

“Found in a Garbage Can”

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The rapid end to the godlessness that we have been living in since the beginning of time is here at last, at the precipice of the end of times. The movie, a€˜The Day the Earth Stood Stilla€™, starring Keanu Reeves, is a wonderful, though fi ctional, testimony to how the world, or humans, respond to detrimental situations especially our own. Only when there is tragedy or even doom do we change and try to save our own lives. There are serious defi ciencies in genuine love, respect and reverence for the Almighty God, our Father in Heaven, also in living as new creations of born again Christians for Jesus Christ. It has tainted the Churches and the written Word of God to the point that ministers, elders and clergy pretend not to notice and even believe they are powerless to do anything about it anymore. They have all let the sin fester for so long that the power of God cannot live in the churches we build and the presents of the Holy Spirit is not felt in them either. You will experience with me the memories of my religious and spiritual experiences coupled with my everyday challenges to show how this world changed from being lovers of God to being God haters and what we must do to change and follow Him. qFound in a Garbage Canq is a testimony of a young girl who through trial after trial grows spiritually and found that God was with her throughout her life. The book starts speaking of time and the ages. It speaks on miracles and childhood notions that will cause you to remember. That people will begin reading their bibles and with living the finest principles studies because they are life changing. I recommend everyone that is able to read a€œFound in a Garbage Cana€. This book will cause you to be moved by events have been though and the product of my change and obedience.From TV shows and trivia, quizzes to college exams and anything else you can think of, she could answer it. The only thing that seemed difficult for here was Bible questions. Not that I ever had any for her until I got older but she would say anbsp;...

Title:“Found in a Garbage Can”
Author:Tanya Elizabeth Partin Lawton
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-03-05


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