Forging Ahead for God

Forging Ahead for God

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Have you ever tried trusting God for all of your needs, including food, housing, safety, and your very existence? Most of us haven't, but Percy Wills has, and this book shows how-time and time again-God comes through when His people turn to Him in faith. An itinerant preacher in the rugged remote country of 1930s Vancouver Island, Wills risked his life to go where he believed God was calling him-to bring His love to isolated people who had never heard about Him before. In this book, you'll experience adventures that include: Beginning life as an itinerant missionary, he started out on foot to visit people in his area until God surprisingly provided a horse and then a saddle for it. At the start of winter, the cupboard was bare and he had no warm clothes or money. As he turned the situation over to God, a farmer knocked on his door to ask if he would come work for him. Wills faced seemingly insurmountable challenges in relying on God alone to provide for himself, his ailing wife, and their two small children in an isolated land. He often said he did not have great faith-he had faith in a great God. Join the Wills family and fellow missionaries in experiencing a lifetime of hair-raising adventures-and God's faithfulness. qI think of Percy and his amazing evangelism techniques, his unfailing kindness, his being a servant, and his passion simply to help in any way he could.q -Rev. Donnel McLean, son of Dr. H. A. McLean, retired missionary to Japan. qWhat is recorded in these pages is the work of an amazing man who laid a foundation for thousands in his generation and the ones that follow to experience the love of God in community.q -Dr. Nancy Murphy, executive director of Northwest Family Life Learning a Counseling Center.You told her the number you wanted, and she would ring it for you. If the call were long distance, shea#39;d say she would have to call you back when the connection was completed. ... Its 32-foot length housed the engine room with the wheelhouse above, a few bunks, a miniscule galley and a seating area. ... The chart of the area could tell you compass headings and rocky obstructions at the closest place to anchor safely, but only your seamanship would actually get you into your desiredanbsp;...

Title:Forging Ahead for God
Author:Darda Burkhart
Publisher:WinePress Publishing - 2009-10


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